Career Journey Map

The Career Journey Map for students was devised by SEA in collaboration with Swansea University’s Students’ Union. It is based on DOTS (Law & Watts, 1977 and New DOTS Law 2004) a developmental constructionist model of careers guidance involving four broad steps: Decision learning, Opportunity awareness, Transition learning and Self-awareness.  The SEA Award and Employability Learning Outcomes are also based on this theoretical framework to ensure clarity and consistency. The Journey Map is also available as an A4 document, with ideas for actions for students on the reverse side of the map.

Students’ Career Journey: A Guide For Staff


Click here to download the Guide for Staff.

This guide was devised by SEA in conjunction with academic colleagues to enable conversations about employability and will reinforce the Employability Learning Outcomes. These conversations could be led by academic staff formally, (for example their role as a Personal Academic Mentor) informally, or by staff in Professional Services.

The Guide for staff outlines the four stages of the journey, highlights useful resources, proffers discussion points and gives examples of actions to suggest students undertake.

Individual sheets of the work book can be downloaded and given to students as an Action Plan:

English versions:

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Explore the Possibilities
  3. Plan a Way Forward
  4. Make it Happen

Welsh versions:

  1. Adnabod eich hun
  2. Archwilio’r posibiliadau
  3. Lluniwch ffordd ymlaen
  4. Gwireddwch

Walk-through guide to the Career Journey Map

A guide to the Career Journey Map with Gareth Hill, one of our Careers Advisers: