How we work together

Swansea Employability Academy is committed to developing our students employability through collaboration and working in partnership with other institutional services and academic departments such as academies, academic colleges and schools, international development office, student services and the Students’ Union amongst others.

We offer a consultancy service to support your academic college / professional service where we can provide advice, guidance and resources in offering support to you or your colleagues when discussing ways to embed employability into your curriculum to enable you to feel confident delivering sessions with an employability focus.

We work together and support College Employability Directors to develop and deliver employability initiatives in academic colleges and schools via employability committee meetings. The employability committee meetings are led, organised, arranged and held in a time frame agreed within your college to allow academic colleges to focus on how best to support the individual needs to their students.

We work together and arrange annual Service Level Agreement meetings that allow us to review the work we have delivered together in academic colleges and schools over the previous academic year and enable us to plan ahead for the forthcoming academic year.

Please do get in touch to discuss ways in which we could help you plan ahead to embed employability into your curriculum to further support your students’ next career steps.

We are professional:

Our team of qualified, experienced, Fellow of HEA Careers Advisers provide bespoke, independent, impartial advice and guidance tailored toward individual students needs. We offer students a range of one to one interactions with bookable 30 minute appointment slots or drop-in appointments throughout the week.

We are forward planners and plan our workload in advance to ensure that we can effectively support individual academic schools, colleges and departments, and to ensure that we provide the most efficient use of our resources to all areas of the university who require our support. When planning ahead for ways to support you we take into account:

  • The nature and time of your request – If the request has been planned and developed together in advance we are able to factor this into our workload for each forthcoming academic year.
  • Collaborative – We will evaluate how each individual college, school and department has worked with us in advance to agree how to embed employability and how SEA are to provide support.
  • Embedded within an academic module – (More details still to be added here.)
  • Part or all of assessment – Where employability forms part or all of the assessment, has your academic college, school or department mapped your curriculum against the employability learning outcomes?

Our Employability team is able to provide an informed view of the graduate labour market and a crucial link on what employers are seeking in today’s graduate.

We care:

We want you to feel supported and confident in enabling our Swansea University students to become leaders of the future. Therefore, we strive to listen and support you in taking the employability agenda forward. Every request the Swansea Employability Academy receives is evaluated and considered to ensure that we are able to meet the demand for service, whilst providing the best offer of support to our students and colleagues.

Supporting students with employability queries – how we can help you to help your students